Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Baby Shower

Saturday, I have a baby shower to attend for Duane's cousin Sally. They are expecting a baby girl around March 15th. I had lots of fabric left over from the quilt I made Karlee so I made a little one for Miss Sara Rose! As I was at Target looking at Sally's registry, I realized we dont't have much! I had a slight anxiety attack and I don't get those! But reality hit and in 2 1/2 months or so we will have Karlee! So I picked up some bottles and different size nipples and childrens Motrin & Tylenol for the trip. I was pressed for time so I will needless to say be making a few more trips back to Target. I looked at car seats and not sure what to get. I want the one that attaches to the car itself like the Britax but is Britax the only car seat that has that? I am leaning to wards the Britax (beause I like the fabric choices too)but they are so expensive and we of course need two! Also, I looked at high chairs and found one that looks like a regular high chair but it fits into a regular chair. I looked at the pack n play things and I don't think I will be buying one of those. Oh there's just so much to do/get we really need to get busy! Makes me nervous....... Girl Scout cookies here I come!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Summer Time!

I know it's a bit early to be thinking about summer but I am so ready for it! I am sick of the cold and I always thought I'd love to live some place where they got a little snow. I feel for those who are getting massive amounts. Even though it sure is pretty, I am grateful for our weather here in Texas. Every state has its pro's and con's but I am so ready for 100 degree weather, humidity and all! Yes, I will probably be eating my word soon enough. Duane and I love everything about summer. We love the BBQ's with friends, pool parties, coast fishing, and mom and I love looking for shells on the beach. And this year we will get to do that with our Karlee! I can't wait to head down to Rockport and take her fishing and to build a sand castle at Port Aransas! Whether, we just hang out by the pool at home with the stero and the smell of suncreen or down at the cabin in Rockport just relaxing. I can't wait! And to top it off, I will get to wear cool sunglasses! So, here's to summer time, it can't get here soon enough! Summer means........ songs from Kenny! There's not a song he sings that I don't like.

Friday, February 16, 2007


Yes,I am a little exciting at how well my lasik eyes surgery went yesterday! Today, I went in for my pre-op check up and drum roll please.................I have 20/15 vision!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I new I was seeing well, but better than 20/20? Never has the alarm clock looked so good! I can't wait to shave my legs and actually see them instead of shaving by feel! It feels like magic! This is by fare the best money I have ever spent on myself! I wanted to give my DR. a big ole smoocharoo for all he had to endure to become a surgeon and become one of the 100 best in the USA! I have worn glasses since I was in 2nd grade and I have always relied heavily on glasses or contacts! And in less han 24 hours I can see like I never could have imagined! (I was very very nearsighted and had a terrible astigmatism) If anyone is interested or been thinking about getting this done I HIGHLY reccommend it! I can hardly wait to go swimming with Karlee this summer without worrying about getting splashed in the face!!! Life is great just bring me our referral and life will be perfect!

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Well I had eye surgery this moring and everything went very well with no complications. I have an appointment first thing in the moring with the surgeon to make sure the flap looks good and check my vision. My vision was not checked after the procedure but I can assure you it is amazing how well I am seeing. It feels so bizzar to see with out any corrective lenses. I can watch tv and read all words on the commercials. I am a little bored already. I have to rotate eye drops every 30 min. now that I am awake. The procedure was schedule for 8 am and we arrived about 7:15. I took the valium at 7:30 ish and they did the procedure a little after 8:00 and I was in the car heading home at 8:30!!!!!!FYI, Duane and my mom got to watch it all on tv! I came home and rested/slept for 3 hours like I was told. I have to admit once the numbness wore off it was a bit uncomfortable and I took a vicadin.(more discomfort than actual pain) It was a weird pain sorda like a burning/ dry sensation. If I never see any better than I do this minute I will be very happy! So if you have been thinking about having Lasik surgery, quit thinking about it and just do it! I was nervous and worked up over nothing! Its just AMAZING!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Big Day

Thursday is the day that I get my eyes done! I am way nervous, thank goodness they will give me valium when I arrive. We need to leave the house by 6:30 AM and be there by 7:30 and my procedure is @ 8:00 AM. I should be looking way cute in the moring...... no makeup, deoderant, lotions, perfume of any kind, no hairspay, gel etc... Apparently, the fumes from such can interfere with the lasers! So, I will be going Au Naturale and then I will leave with some very attractive goggles! Hopefully, I will be able to post in the afternoon how everything went.
Wish me luck!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Update On Fussy Boy

This evening, after I posted about Peyton being fussy, I learned that he had an ear infection! No wonder, the little guy felt like crapola! So, in his defense he was sick. And here I thought he was just getting spoiled and wanted to be held! Goes to show how much I know! I feel so bad for him. We should have known something was up, beacuse it's to not his nature to be fussy, he is usually all smiles!

Fussy Boy

I have been watching my nephew for a few hours every Monday while my SIL goes to school. Lately, the little guy has been a bit fussy. It's either he doesn't care for his aunt much or let see.....maybe a bit spoiled?? I have heard "you can't spoil babies" but I am begining to think who ever said that is WRONG! Today, however was much better so the pictures are before the crying started! Guess, it doesn't help he's been teething too, so I can understand he doen't feel well. It's just a drastic change in his little personality. Before, he was so low maintenance and always happy! So, it has to be the teething! Boy, this is a reality check to what I will soon be dealing with on a full time basis. Anways, Bring it on...........

Sunday, February 11, 2007

I Want One of These............

Up until about three weeks ago, I had never heard of such......a minature donkey! One of the guys I work with @ UPS mentioned that he had mintaure donkies. He says they are very good with children and are great pets and are very loving! Also, they are very protective and keep coyotes a way. Not that we have a coyote problem... we live in the city. But my daddy lives on 40+ acres in Luling, Tx and has complained of coyotes!(hint hint!)I think Peyton and Karlee would have fun with one of these when they go to granpa's! However, these little pets don't come cheap. Atleast, I don't think 650.00 to 4000.00 is cheap! The higher the price the better the breed for showing and such! I am not interested in showing, just a good family pet. I have been doing a little research on these cute little creatures and I am in love! Duane on the other hand died laughing at the mention of donkey! So we will have to wait and see.....I mentioned this topic at the salon the other day and these are apparently quite popular. Three clients are intetersted in getting one as well for there kids/grandkids and one just to keep the coyotes at bay! Go figure! I was thinking we should wait until Peyton and Karlee are a few years old before really persuing the idea of buying one because I was not sure how long these animals lived.......Guess what, they can live to be 25+ years old!!!!! The guy at work has one thats expecting, and I told him to keep me in mind when it is time to sell! FYI, minature donkey gestation is 11 months and some change! My dad and I usually do luch one day a week, so guess we will be talking about donkies!:-)

Blogger Update!

Okay, I finally got suckered into to blogger beta or whatever it is! I guess it was just a matter of time! So I hope I can figure out the new stuff. I immediately was notified that I had comments that need to be moderated? I have never seen that I had comments or needed to moderate anything at all. Guess that explains why my clients said they had commented but I never saw it. Hello.....learn somthing every day! WOO HOO!, I actually have comments! Now maybe blogger will quit giving me such a hard arse time when I want to comment on other blogs! Look out comments, here I come!

On the adoption front, we are just waiting on the homestudy update from the social worker, then I will be sending it off! I hope it doesn't take too long like I have heard about. Unfortunately, time is on our side!

This Thursday, I will have the Lasik surgery! I am a wee bit nervous, actually A LOT nervous! I just want it over with! So, to all my clients reading, I will be out from the Feb 15th and back at work on the 20th.

Birthday Girl!

We celebrated my friend Robyn's Birthday yesterday at her house with some friends and Texas Hold-Em. Her birthday was actually Feb 6th! ( Duane, Robert, Kim, Robyn and Mark) I didn't do too well, but Duane won a few hands! The other pics are from a few weeks ago at the Verizon Ampitheater for the Annual BBQ to kick off the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo. The weather was really cold and windy and we were freezing but enjoyed Roger Creager's concert anyway.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Almost Our Turn!

Well, it will be 15 months tommorrow since our paperwork has been logged in China! It's geeting close, just a few more months and it will be our turn!I am thinking a late March or Early April referral and travel in late May or early June. It will be here before I know it. Guess I better start getting my ducks in a row!

A Little Shopping

Here are a few outifits I found today at Macy's! (The Sailor Outfit, Navy, Red Daisies, Khaki and Blue.) The others are a few things I or my mom had bought here and there. My mom bought all her jammies and I can't wait to cuddle with her in her these! I bought 12 mts today, since most things I have bought in the past have been 18 & 24 months just because I wasn't sure what size she'd be in what season. I love little girls spring and summer clothes, so that what I have the most of. And it looks like it will be summer when we bring her home! Yippe! I haven't bought much for the winter months because there's not much that catches my eye! Anyways, it is going to be hard not to go hog arse wild buying clothes!

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