Sunday, June 24, 2007


We got back this afternoon from the fishing tournament in Matagorda and we are super tired and my feet are killing me. In order to win the tournament the team had to catch all three fish: flounder, trout and red fish. The team with the heaviest weight wins. But for those teams that did not catch all three fish, they could enter their largest fish in the individual category. To enforce that no one cheats, individuals who are in first are subjected to polygraph testing! Well, we had all but the flounder caught. I had a flounder earlier but it got off the darn hook! IF ...If I could have netted that flounder we would have won the entire tournament and about $3000.00. Our weight on two fish weighed more that the winner who caught all three fish! All we needed was a legal flounder and it would have been ours! We did enter our largest Red Fish and won 2nd place and $500.00. I had a blast on my first tournament and hope I will be invited again so I can try to redeem myself by catching that flounder! We all worked really hard and had a great time and I guess that says a lot. Our captain and deck hand were great. They were very patient with us when lines were tangled! I know at times it couldn't have been easy! My DH greeted us with ice cold beer when we arrived and beer never tasted so good! After the results of the tournament, we went out to dinner and celebrated..... little too much!Anyways, good times were had by all!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Fishing Tournament

In two days I will be in my first ever Lingerie On The Bay Fishing Tournament here. Its' an all female fishing tournamant and our team name is "Size Matters"! And NO, we will not be wearing lingerie, its just the name of the tournment! However, I have been prepared to see some skanky women! I have most of my gear packed and ready. We will do mostly wade fishing so I have my ray guards and waders ready to go. I am not particularly fond of wading but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do to catch that BIG ONE! We have to catch one of each: Trout, Flounder and Red Fish. So I will be out and away from the blog world for a few days. But hopefully, I will have some good pictures to share early next week.

It's been two weeks today since we first saw Karlee's sweet little face. I still can't believe we have our referral! I have Karlee's pictures everywhere, on the night stand, work, kitchen counter and in my purse. I show anyone who will look. I have been busy this week with e-mails from our agency. I have never been so overloaded with info and sign and return this with check, money order, or credit card. They mean it when they say all the money is spent at the end. Fortunantely, we have it saved so it's been fun! I sent off the form to have Karlee's Passport read Karlee Mei Johnston That was too wierd but I love the way her name looks! That was one thing that we were eligible for from her province but unfortunately will we not be able to visit her orphanage. We sent off for all four of our Visa's today. I also sent off for some presciptions for Karlee, since our family doctor would not prescribe anything without seeing her first. So once those arrive all I need to do is get them filled. Hopefully, we won't need it but it will be nice to have if we do. That's about all I know for now. Be back soon......wish me luck fishing!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My Necklace!

My very sweet and creative friend Krista made me this beautiful necklace with Karlee's referral picture. She brought this to the shop last Friday and OMG it is too pretty! These pictures do not do it justice! I wore it all weekend and hated to take it off! If anyone is interested, I am sure she would could make one for you for a small fee! Somebody asked me if I cried when I got the referral and pictures and no I haven't. I would have thought I would but all I do is smile and smile! So there is no telling what I'll do when I hold her in my arms for the first time!

Time is Flying!

First of all, I would like to thank all who have visited my blog and commented recently. Wow! I have never had so many hits on my boring little blog before. Your comments mean a lot and were so sweet!

I have been meaning to post for a few days now, but to say it's been a whirl wind is an big understatement! Last week was super crazy. Unfortunatley, we had my SIL funeral Tuesday, my mother's surgery and our referral on Wednesday, my BIL came in from Afganistan on Wednesday as well and we had a party for him on Saturday, and Duane and I celebratated our 7th wedding anniversary on Sunday with a pool/Spurs party!

The FedEx man came last Friday but would not let my mom take his picture so this is all we got. Later that day I also got an translated growth report on our cutie pie and she appears to be quite healthy. She eats about 7 times a day and poops 2-3 times a day! FYI, she eats milk with paste, chop soup, vegetable soup and Chinese date soup! I know I have heard this from others but for those of you waiting, once you see that picture...... all pain of waiting disappears. I'd waited longer to see that sweet little face!I am still floating on cloud 9 and probably will be for some time! Monday, I sent our acceptance letter to our agency and on Tuesday the referral coordinator called and asked if I would like her to check the box that says " accept this child"! Hello, I was so excited to get it mailed, I forgot!I am sure they all think I am an idiot, but oh well! we will not know anything about travel time for a few more weeks but they estimate it to be late July or early August. Regardless, it can't get her soon enough!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Nothing Like I Planned....

Yesterday was the most amazing day I have ever experienced. As you are aware I was at the hospital waiting on my moms surgery. She went in for surgery about 12:20 and I went out to the car to charge my phone a bit and give Duane a call at home. No news. Well at 12:50 ish I headed back into the waiting room and as soon as I sat down my phone rang. It was Lindsey from our agency. I said hello and then my phone died! I ran to the car as fast as I could as I was lugging my mom stuff with me. She called back and I received all the info on our daughter... in a hospital parking lot, across from Home Depot with my car doors wide open. I called Duane and gave him the news and told him to be on the look out for the e-mail with Karlee's pictures. I could not get home fast enough and mom felt bad about the timing of everything! No biggy, she'd had done it for my any day. The nurse said the first thing she asked when she woke up is "do I have a grand daughter?" As I walked to the recovery I explained it all to the nurses and then to my mom! It was pretty exciting! My mom's surgery went well and she is recovering just fine. Thanks for those who have asked about her. The news of our referral did not happen as I had planned all these months but it was even better. I had wanted to video tape the call but here are a few pictures my MIL took as I ran into the house to see my baby girl. I haven't stopped smiling since!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Finally!!!......We Have a Girl!

It is with great joy and love that we announce Karlee Mei Johnston! She is just 8 months old and from the Jiangxi Province and currently living in the Ning Du Social Welfare Institute. Her Birthday is October 3rd 2006! Her given name is Ning Mei Xiang. We are thrilled beyond words! I got the call today at 12:55 while Mom was in surgery! Duane was at home and got the e-mail and I begged him to open the pictures to see what she looked like! I just got home and shaking like a leaf! I can't beleive this is really happening but it feels wonderful. She is a deep sleeper, can hold her head when she is on her tummy, locate direction of sounds and voices, visually follow toys, follow head movement from left to right, can tell the difference from aquaintances and strangers, laughing out loud, she is quiet and active and likes music, she smiles and like quietness, fond of toys and games, she's close to her nanny, has no teeth and a little hair!

I 'm A Nervous Wreck!

We just got word from our agency that they are expecting a "package" from the CCAA today! They can not confirm it is referrals but that's what it should be! If life could not get any crazier for us....I am taking my mother this morning for surgery!!! I will be going crazy sitting in the waiting room...waiting! Duane will be at home for a while but he has a "T" time so the minute I call he's to get his booty home!So hopefully we will have some great news this afternoon! Stay tuned!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


OMG, it's Tuesday evening around 10:40 p.m. and we just got home and of course I run to the computer and I can not believe my eyes at what the RQ is saying! It looks like we made the cut as our LID is 11-5! We just ordered pizza as we are starving as we just got home from the funeral for my sister in law and we are totally drained. I will not be able to sleep! Thank you all for your comments and prayers, our family so appreciates them. Today was such a hard day for our family, to say goodbye to Karen was so hard. I can't help but believe my sister-in-law Karen is part of this amazing gift we are about to receive. She's our angel and I beleive she will watch over Karlee until we hold her in our arms. I just wish she could be here to share in our joy as she was so attentive during our trials with fertility treatments. This is oh so bitter sweet as we have waited so long for this but to associate her death with our gain.... My hearts is beaking because her boys will never see their mother again and I am on the other hand just begining the journey of motherhood. Her love for life and her laugh will be greatly missed. We love you Karen!

Been Quiet

Sorry its been so quiet here. We have had a tragic death in our family. Duane's brother's wife passed away very unexpectedly last thursday so our lives have been chaos since. Despite the fact we are mourning the loss of a loved one, we are very excited and hoping this is the week for us. Our family could really use some good news. I don't think we will hear anything today but our agency is aware of our situation and has all our numbers to reach us if they need to. As soon as we hear something I will post it here.

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