Monday, April 30, 2007


Thanks to Robert Horry's three pointer, the SPURS pulled it off and won game four! I am not a huge sports fan, but I love love the playoffs!!!!Since it was a late game, I got home from UPS and was able to see most of the 4th quarter. After all, thats all that matters! GO SPURS!!!!


The stork is on its way! Our agency sent us the stork alert this morning and they are expecting the stork to land Wednesday. It is rumored that the CCAA got all the way to NOV 1, 2005. However, our agency only had a LID(log in date) of October 28th and their next LID is ours!!!!!!!NOV 5th. I can hardly believe it! I am hoping the CCAA can get through 4 days worth next month for us to be include in the next round of referrals. So that would mean a June referral and travel in late July/ August. YIPPY!

Sunday, April 29, 2007


Justin and Nicloe came by today and I got these pictures of Peyton! He will be 1 on Friday. I can't beieve it, boy, does time fly! This time last year we were eagerly waiting his arrival. I sure hope and pray we will have Karlee home before his 2nd birthday!

Looky What I Got!

I just checked the mail and my bag tag came in yesterday. Is it not too cute? Kelley can make you one too! To check out her store click here

Now all I need is the diaper bag. I really want this one from Petunia Picklebottom but its a little pricey! Since Karlee will probaly be our one and only, I think I will splurge. I use that for an excuse for everything!


We meet up with some of our friends at Leon's for drinks and of course to watch the Spurs game. Almost everyone(Sharlene) came in their favorie SPURS shirt and cap. Our gang devoured two pizzas from BIG LOU"S... And I made some really good homeade salsa...yum yum!!!! We had a great time and the SPURS won and now lead 2-1 in the playoffs. Let's hope they can do it again on Monday night!!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Nada Nada!

Not much going on here. We are still waiting. Yes, I know that may surprise some of you! What little rumors that are floating around are that the CCAA will only take 2-3 days next month. So that will leave us out yet again! It's really anybody's guess as to what the CCAA will do next. I am now hoping for a June referral. I am getting real good at this next month crap! I have only said "next month" like 12 times. I am still in the cast which is now hook em' horns orange for all you longhorn fans! The week before I was gig em' aggies maroon. Not that I am a BIG fan of either, it was just the color selection available.......I really wanted PINK! I am counting the days til its off. If your claustrophobic, this ain't for you. I have been suffering from allergies every since that last storm came through. Which I must say, was a doozie. You'd a thought the house would crack in half from all the thunder and lightening. My kitties who usually run for cover were glued to me. I have an appointment Monday for the alternative certification program to teach. It starts July 3oth. I have put this off for nearly a year, thinking we were going to China any minute. I have decided to quit putting my life on hold. So as soon as this program starts I'll leave to China. You watch and see. But I have explained my situation and it seems I can play catch up and it should not be a big problem to be gone a while. So wish me luck. I want to teach middle school science. Everyone cringes when I say that. Elementary is not for me and I don't want to take the higher level sciences that it would require to teach at the high school level. I surely don't want to teach English as I can't spell worth a .... and my grammar, it's even worse! We will be watching the Spurs game tomorrow with friends somewhere. We just got a new receiver so we can now watch in HD, so cool! Totally hubby's deal. I can't tell the difference really. GO......SPURS!!!!!!!!!! Well, thats all folks! Have a great weekend!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my dad's 57th birthday! If this picture doesn't make him feel old, I don't know what would! Golly, look at those side burns and those slacks! Just kidding dad, you look pretty much the same except for your greying hair and the side burns. This picture was taken shortly after our move to San Antonio from Minnesota in 1976 or so! Happy Birthday Dad, I'll see you this week!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

This & That

Yesterday, I called my orthopedist's office and explained that I was having some discomfort by my heel. It felt like it was rubbing and the cast might be too loose it that particular area. A call back from the cast guy and I needed to get in soon. So I went to see him at lunch. He removed that cast (yeah) and discover I had what they call "maceration" on my heel. Basically, moisture was the problemo from sweat! Yuck!!! Yes, I know soooo gross! Sorta like wearing a wet band-aid for days. My heel was completely white, wrinkly, and tender. I guess all the dancing I did last weekend did not help matters..... and no I did not tell the Dr! I'll just let him think I have really sweaty feet. (I have had a cast twice before on my right foot and never had this problem). Solution.......let it dry out so to speak. I now get to wear this walking boot til Monday and then they will put me back in the cast. Fun. Fun. for me! Amazingly, after just a few hours it was looking like a normal heel. Thankfully, I went in when I did, I would have been in real trouble if I had waited!Guess, my gut instinct is working already! Lucky for you guys, I did not capture the funk with the camera!!..... I know my fat white leg needs some sun! I am the whitest I have been in years, I usually either start tanning at the salon or out by the pool. But recent weather has not permited. Also, I am a little more cautious of the sun's damaging rays especially to my face! I guess I will be trying out the tinted lotions!

My client who brought me all those adorable dance/ gymnastic wear for Karlee last month brought the tap and ballet shoes with her yesterday!! Too stink n cute! My mom who danced and did gymnasics for years was all giddy! Grandma will be teaching her the Irish Jig as soon as soon as she can walk!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Weekend Recap

Hello!....I almost forgot to mention that we finally got our I-171 renewal last week and rather quickly, considering it took 3 attempts getting it there! Thank goodness that's over!

My brother David came in Thursday from Virginia for my nephew's baptism on Saturday. After the baptism, we met up with a few friends of David's for dinner and drinks. Then Sunday we spent the afternoon out at my dad's for a BBQ. Dad and Marcy made an excellent brisket! Yum! Then on the way home, we picked up Duane from his buddy Curtis' house. The guys had a great time as usual but Duane's games was uh.......let's just say he didn't bring home the trophy! It was a busy weekend for all of us and we're all very tired. It was nice to visit with my brother even though it was brief. He's coming back this summer sometime to meet Karlee. We have orders to call him ASAP! BTW, my handsome brother is currently single if anyone knows of a nice girl. He lives in the Virginia Beach area..... He is sooooo gonna kill me for that! Anyways, weirder things have happened! He'd be a super catch for some lucky girl! Not that he needs my help, but what kind of big sister would I be if I didn't butt in his business????

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

He's Gone!

Duane's buddy Curtis picked him up yesterday to go to Iraan Texas for the annual golf tournament! They picked up Duane's two brother's Randy and Dennis on the way and the other 10 guys or so will meet them in Iraan. It's quite funny how excited they get about spending a week of golf in the middle of no where! A lot of plannning is done for the trip; groceries/meals, selection of golf teams, new golf shoes, new clothes and clubs are bought! (And they think women are bad!) I know Duane looks forward to this event every year! Anticipation, who will win this year? Hmmm...... Which lucky wife will get to add the trophy to their decor???? Anyways,the guys will be home Sunday night and us golf widow's usually meet at Curtis and Laurie's for a recap of events that took place while the guys clean the travel trailer and drink the last of the beer, if there is any left! Kate, Laurie, Kim, Robyn and anyone else, here is a little bit of info on the small West Texas town of Iraan. Not that any of us girls would ever be invited or would we ever want to go visit! It doesn't sound to enticing. Robyn, you would surely die, as I doubt you'd find a place to shop! Next year, we defintely need to plan an "all" girls trip to somehwere??..................See you girls on Sunday!

Region: Big Bend Country

History in a Pecan Shell

The name has nothing to do with the country of Iran. Oil was discovered on the ranch of Ira Yates and a contest was held to name the town that would soon materialize. Ira's wife was named Ann. The person who combined the two names won a town lot as a prize.

Iraan today has two newspapers. But as an Iraanian told us (in a confidential tone) "It's the same news." We bought both papers. It was the same news. Different photos though.

Because of its semi-remote location, the school district provides its teachers with housing.

Iraan is also the birthplace of Alley Oop, at onetime an extremely popular syndicated comic strip. Creator V.T. Hamlin was a newspaperman in Iraan when he came up with the idea for a caveman who looked like he was wearing bellbottoms when he wasn't even wearing pants. While virtually unknown now, Alley Oop was nearly as popular as Dick Tracy and Tarzan.

Mr. Oop had a dinosaur named Dinny and there is a likeness of both Alley Oop and Dinny at the 7 acre Fantasyland just west of town amid mulberry trees.

Also in the park is the Iraan Archeological Museum.

Monday, April 09, 2007

My Stinkin Feet Hurt!

Because of this..............

I got this..................

I will be sporting this cast until May 10th! I have horrible feet and they have bothered me for years. However, this is the first time for my left foot, my right foot has been in a cast twice. I have PTTD, Posterior Tibial Tendon Disorder! Basically, I have fallen arches and my arch pronates inward causing my feet to become flat. I have tried everything, all kinds of inserts and orthotics and the only thing that alleviates the pain, is a cast. But the relief is only temporary and I definitely don't want surgery just yet. Dr is recommending another type of orthotics when the cast comes off for both feet. I explained to my Dr. that we will be traveling to China in the next few months (God willing) to get our baby and I need my feet in good shape. I am climbing that Great Wall! I hate to say this but, since the wait is a little longer than we recently anticipated, I now can get these suckers feeling good!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Wishing You A Happy Easter

Hope everyone has a Happy Easter. We going to Duane's Mom's house. No little ones this year, but next year all that should change! It has been really cold and rainy, like 38 degrees. I can't remember it ever being cold on Easter! So much for the spring outfit, I am pulling out the winter stuff!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Really, I'm Okay!

Yesterday, I was a little upset if you did not get that from the previous post. I was really angry. I felt like a child throwing a temper tantrum. I did not want to look at one thing in my house that was baby related. If I could, I would have thrown everything in the crib and put it on the curb for the trash man on Monday! Mean while, Jesus and I had a little talk and I am feeling better! It was the first time I have cried during the adoption and the flood gates were open!(and it felt pretty good actually) I tried explaining to one of my clients today what it feels like. And unless you have been down this road you can't possibly grasp it. For those of you who have been through pregnancy loss and or fertility route you may relate. I guess my recent lack of excitement or detachment towards the adoption is due to self preservation. Truly, I am excited, but I only allow myself to feel it briefly to protect myself from the disappointment if this doesn't work out. Not that I am a pessimist, but when you have been disappointed over and over, one gets discouraged and its hard to keep the faith. For me, it feels like a pregnancy doomed to miscarry but you hope and pray with all your heart and it all goes unanswered. It's like watching your hormone levels climb normally and just when you start to believe this pregnancy will be different BAM, it ends just like the rest.
Adoption, like infertility, is a roller coaster of emotions and yesterday was just a bad day for me.

On a more cheerful note, my client Joan, brought some really cute clothes from Baby Gap for Karlee and to donate to the orphanage as well as some ink pens for my gift bags. Alice, another client brought me a bag full of White Diamond perfum lotions for my gift bags too! All made in the USA, NYC to be exact! Yesterdays pity party is over, and I did something productive for the adoption. I made 10 gift bags with the White Diamond lotion, Bath & Body lotion & spray, pens and more lotion from the beauty supply store! I sure hope the ladies like lotion!

As I was leaving work today, this song by Dierks Bentley "Long Trip Alone" was on the radio. How appropriate after yesterday. The video has a different take, but I think it applies to us, especially during the extended wait! To all my family, friends(clients) and blog buddies, thank you for your continued support!

Dierks Bentley - Long Trip Alone

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Friday, April 06, 2007


BEWARE If you are easily offended, stop here!

Well, rumor has it that referrals will only get to 10/26 this month! That's right you have read correctly! A BIG whopping freaking 2 days worth! I have had about all I can handle with this WAIT! I am fed up, pissed off mad! I knew we would not be in this batch, but hell, we might not be in the next one either! I just e-mailed Beth, our referral coordinator expressing my frustrations. I just want some answers and someone to know this is not fair. I am sick and tired of this bull shit! I never cared for roller coaster rides and this one, I am more than ready to get off! I won't even get into what I am thinking about the C____A right about now. I am beginning to agree with may dad about getting "jerked around" but what are we supposed to do at this point? We have put our lives on hold for almost 2 years! They say once you see that face, all this goes away? I don't know, I am becoming quite bitter! We have come to far to give up now, but people should not have to go through this, this is torture!

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