Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Beginning

Many of you already now the obsticals we have been through with the miscarriages and failed fertility treatments. It hard to believe we have been trying for a family for 4 years already. I know many people try for much longer we were just tired of the disappointment. Then there are those who don't even have to try or give it a second thought and it just happens and Boom! they are a family. For those who fall into the last category you have been so blessed. It still mind boggles me that Duane and I could get pregnant on our own and when we went for medical intervention we could not even do that! So much money wasted there! It just did not make sense. But maybe that was God's plan from the get go! So Duane and I decided to adopt. After some research and much prayer we decied to adopt daughter from China last June. So I thought I'd give this blog thing a try so you can follow our journey! Here is the time line thus far......

June Mailed application to GWCA
June- Officially started the paper chase
August- Finished home study and Filed 1-600A Form
September- Duane, Mom and I got fingerprinted
October- Dossier completed and hand delivered to GWCA on the 19th
November- Logged in with the CCAA 11-5-05

In late November we received news that the wait times for referral have increased from 6 months to 8-10 months. So that really sucks but we are now 2 months into the wait so we really only have 6-8 months left! Anyways, it gives us more time to save money and get ready for baby! I am hopeful we will get our referral by the end of July and travel in September. We need to be back in October because my bother Justin is getting married on the 7th. I would just hate to miss it but I'll do what I have to to get our baby! Sorry Justin!

Well, it's almost that time of the day for my nap before I head off to UPS . So, this is it til next time.

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