Monday, August 07, 2006

Hello Again, I'm Back

I know its been while since I have updated this thing. But truth be told nothing too exciting has changed. The wait is getting longer every month. So more than likely we will be going to China after the first of the year. But at the rate they are going I would not be surprised if it is next summer! I hate to say this but I guess I have been in some what of a slump lately. I find myself not all that excited anymore. And Duane is just plain pissed about the whole waiting game!

So meanwhile we have been planning small vacations here and there to help alleviate some of the waiting. In July, mom, Justin, Duane and I went down to Rock Port for 5 days with my brother David from Virginia. Fun was had by all. We actually caught fish.... Fish Fry coming soon! Next, we will be leaving the Port Galveston at the end of August on a cruise to Montego Bay, Grand Caymans and Cozumel with our friends Oscar and Sharlene. I am starting to get excited about it but haven't gone crazy shopping like I did last year!

My brother Justin's baby boy is know about 3 months old and the most beautiful baby boy ever! He's got his daddy's beautiful blue eyes and long legs but the rest of him looks like mommy! Well at least this is what I think! With the wait time getting longer I find myself wondering when Karlee was born as I am sure she has been by know. Maybe they will be about the same age? That would be wonderful if they are close in age. I can't wait for all the fun to begin! I will post some pics here soon of the little guy. The wedding is right around the corner. Can't wait to see family coming from Minnesota! It is so nice of them to make the trip! We have Justin and Nicole's Wedding Shower this weekend. Still need to do some more shopping! Well time for bed. I will make more of an effort to keep this updated! I promise! Good night!

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