Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Karlee's Quilt

Monday, after the social worker's visit, I took Karlee's quit too be quilted! I know I am ways off from being a great quilter but Sharon said it looked great and windmills are not easy for a beginer like myself. The hot pink and green frogs will be the fabric on the back. I chose really cute dragon flies and swirlies to be quilted on the quilt with pink stitching. I can't wait to see it, she said she should have it done by the end of February! Then all I will need to do is the binding which will be in green! I have a few baby showers coming up so I will be making a few whole cloth quilts that I will just do ties. So I have plenty to do to keep me busy while I wait these next few months for our referral. I guess I won't be sewing much after we get back from China so I better finsh some other projects I have started. Anyway, here are some pics of the quilt and backing! It's going to be really cute if I do say so myself!!! I will show the pictures when its all finished!

Here Storky Storky!

Well rumor has it that the stork is on its way. We should know by Friday for sure. Not that we will be included in this batch of referrals, but soon. Our social worker came last Monday to do our home study update and that went well and rather quickly! All I need is the home study and more $$$$ to send of to immigartion so we can get our new I-171. Ours expires in April. Initally, I was not in too big of a hurry but the yahoo boards got me panicing a little. But the social worker said we should be fine! I am guessing we will not see our referral until late March or April. Just our luck it will arrive the week Duane and they guys do their annual golf trip to West Texas! Cell phones don't work so I am sure internet service is out of the question! It might be Duane's first time in 17 years to miss the trip! Joking aside, Duane would no doubt skip golf to see his daughters face for the first time! Not much else to tell so until next time......toodles!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Karlee's Blanket!

Here is the blanket my mom just finished knitting for Karlee! It is just too cute and it matches her bedroom decor perfectly! My mom made me one very similar to this one when I was little. She even hand stiched flanel to the back! I just love the the ruffle she crocheted on the edge. This thing is super soft! It is sure to be Karlee's favorite. I have picked up a few of my mother knacks for sewing but knitting I could never do! I watched and watched while she knitted my nephew Peyton's blanket and there is just no way I could hang on to the needles with out loosing my temper! Thanks Mom you did a beautiful job!

Count Down!

Just a few more weeks and these suckers are HISTORY! I went Monday for my evaluation for Lasik Eye Surgery and I am a PERFECT candidate for the procedure. Either that or they just want my money. Really, my eyesight is terrible! It will cost a small fortune but Duane believes it to be the best money ever spent! He had his eyes done last summer and loves it! My appointment is Feb 15th so I should have plenty of time to recover before we go to China. One of the side effects is dry eye and sometimes implants are used to help lubricate the eyes. It worsens with air travel, so after a few months I should be good to go! I am excited but still a little nervous. I just wish they could knock me out!

Don't laugh!

Karlee's quilt
Ice on truck
Icicles on Cat Enclosure
The Quilt

Last week we had some really bad weather for us down south. And I have to say I don't envy any of you who live up north! This was a pretty big deal for us in South Texas. We only had a few days of this and that was simply enough! I am sure the kiddo's enjoyed not going to school and those who probably prayed for snow but we just got ice. Most people got out of work for a few days but not I. UPS was up and running so to speak, a few jets made it out and one managed to get off the runway and get stuck in the mud! Go figure! Anyway, while I was cuddle up during the day, I was plain bored! I remembered I had started a quilt for Karlee last summer but got discouraged when my squares weren't perfectly square. Anyways, during our cold front I finished the quilt top and I must say I am mighty pleased with the way it turned out, considering I have never tackled this type of quilt before and I did not use a pattern either. Now I just need to get it quilted. I have a client that has a commercial quilting machine so she should be able to do something fantastic with it. I can't wait to see it quilted and to see it finished! Anyway go ahead an laugh at the the pictures! Enjoy

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Lasik Eye Surgery!

Today, I went in for my preliminary eye exam, and boy are my eyes dialated! I go next week to the see Dr. Snip, the Lasik doctor. What a name huh? Duane had his eyes done last summer and just loves his new vision. He went last week for his 6 months check up and he now has 20/15 vision! I would be so thrilled to just have 20/20 but my optometrist thinks I too will have 20/15 as well! FYI! My vision is way worse than Duane's, I also have very bad astigmatism. Yes, I am a little nervous at this contraption shown in the picture but I want to go to China without glassses.......Stay tuned!

Monday, January 08, 2007

My Babies (FUR)

I know most of my friends are not the animal lover that I am but I had to share these with you all. My Nikko will be 16 this Septemeber and is really like my baby!(I have had him since he was 4 days old) He's been around a long time, longer than some friendships and he has the hubby beat by four years! I can't help but think of the day that is soon to come but hopefully I will have Miss Karlee here when the time comes. Anyways, here's my boys. Yes, these guys rule our bed! Nikko is the grey and Leon, my rubberband thief is yellow! Nikko really liked the Christmas Tree, he would sit at look at tree several times a day!

My Shoppy Bargain!

I stopped in Bombay Kids Sunday and found this chandelier for Karlee's room. It just happened to be 30% off! It is a light green with pink jewels, just perfect for her pink and green room! I had to have it, however, Duane thinks it will be too much light for such a small room! Ya, I know we have the ceiling fan light and a light on the dresser and now a mini chandelier. UH! I guess I will put away the little light on the dresser because I am hanging the chandelier!............Now to get the hubs to hang it for me!!Wish me luck!

FYI, Its much prettier than picture shows. I will post pictures after the hubs hangs it up.

Saturday Night @ Leon's

This weekend we went to our local hangout Leon's Ice House to watch the football game and listen to a little one man band with some great friends. The football game was ..... well, lets say did not end in our favor, but the one man band was really good. It was this little old blind man! He was there to celebrate his wifes' birthday. He played the guitar with one hand and the keyboard with the other. It was quite amazing! He played really old music and I could not even begin to tell you what is was but if you heard it you would recognize it! We had a great time and some great laughs as you can see by the pictures!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Rubberbands and Catfood!

Lately, I have been wearing my hair in a ponytail with a baseball cap because its quick and easy. I usually take my rubberband out before I go to bed and put it on the night stand or take it off in the living room and set it on the end table or counter. Well, the picture you see is where I find my rubberbands in the moring! So instead of putting them away properly, I just go to the catfood bowl to find my rubberbands! The feline culpret is our yellow tabby Leon! The other picture is Leon taking a nap with Duane on New years day!! He loves his daddy!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy The Holiday's Are Over!

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year! We had a great x-mas with Peyton. It was by far a Justin, Nicole & Peyton Christmas this year and we had so much fun!! Next year it will be all about Karlee. We celebrated Christmas with my side of the family on Christmas Eve. In addition to my brother's little family, we also had my dad and girlfriend Marcy and her daughter Valerie and grand daughter Ava. And of course my Mom and Duanes mom Cathy! Yes, it was interesting mix, but hey its Christmas and we all played nice!! Duane cooked delicous Buffalo Butts on the grill! (Chicken breast wrapped w/ bacon and jalapenos) YUM YUM!!!! My MIL got us all new very light weight luggage for our trip to China! Whenever that might be! I gave Duane a 30 Gig Ipod and all the accessories. I received a beautiful pair of 2 carat diamond earings from Duane! WOW! He really out did himself this year when we agreed not to do much! So much for that! I love them and he ain't taking them back!!! My dad gave us a new Video recorder for our trip to China. It takes still pictures, so that will save room in the carry-on bags! And Peyton got all kinds of clothes and toys and a new toy box to store it all!!

We did Christmas with Duane's family on Christmas day and that is always so much fun! Nothing like a crowded house with all the family and kiddos everywhere. Every year there seems to be a new baby and this year Duane's nephew CJ and wife had little Noah. He was too cute!! Duane's mom goes way crazy for x-mas and goes way overboard with gifts for all 20 something kids, and grandkids alike! Thank goodness she likes to shop and that she does very well! We received again many nice gifts and some money from Duane's dad who celebrated Christmas with this year!

We have been blessed with so many wonderful things, but its hard not to think of what we don't have and want the most... a baby. This was the 5th Christmas and hopefully the last without a child. This time of the year is always hard because, I found out I was pregnant shortly after Christmas 2001 and miscarried at the end of January 2002. Folks...This not something I dwell on, but its a chapter of my life I won't ever be totally over. It's just hard to beleive so many years have passed. Sometimes the pain is as real as if it were yesterday and others not.

I did not intend for this to end on such a downer! Anyways, on to New Years, we stayed home! Justin, Nicole and Peyton came over and stayed the night! We played games, guys watched footabll, had a few glasses of wine, watch the ball drop in New York City and went to bed shorly therafter! Yes, I know it was too exciting! My mom made waffles the next moring. It almost felt like old times when I was a kid! Now, here I am writting this 4 days after the new year!!! I can't wait for this year to get going! Referrals came in yesterday for families with a log in dates up to Sept 27th! Just a few more months til they get to Novemeber!!!!So hopefully this summer we wil have our baby girl! What a year this will be...............I can't wait

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